A healthy vs unhealthy mouth

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Gum disease is an oral condition caused by bacteria that lies within plaque and tartar. Most dental problems that occur are due to plaque and tartar that has remained in the mouth over time. Problems may begin as a mild gingivitis /gum disease, but can soon escalate into more serious problems if not cleaned away.

It is important to ensure that plaque and tartar are regularly removed to avoid any dental problem progressing. This is done by regular brushing, and cleaning in between teeth, in conjunction with professional cleaning by a Hygienist or Dentist.

Recent studies have now shown that the effect oral bacteria has on your gums can also, if entered into the blood stream, have the same effect on your heart. Therefore causing

heart disease.

Our hygienist/therapist is here to help you in achieving excellent oral care.

Most symptoms that are mentioned in this page are reversible and all that is required is a good oral hygiene regime.

Our hygienist/therapist can advise you on the correct hygiene program and the dental aids that you need, whilst providing professional dental treatment that is easy and non invasive.

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