“How is it my local beauty salon offers teeth

whitening treatments?”

Teeth whitening is act of dentistry that

even qualified dental professionals

have to undertake additional training.

It is illegal for anybody, other than trained

dental professionals to carry out any act

of dentistry. This even includes giving dental


Products purchased by salons are not vetted

or governed and can be extremely damaging.

Peroxide is the only product that can alter a tooth colour.

Non peroxide products are usually what are used in salons and are highly acidic. This extracts moisture from teeth which makes them appear white. This whiteness is immediately lost once teeth re hydrate.

This degree of acidity causes severe

and extreme sensitivity, can cause nerve damage

and chemical burns to gums.

It is advised to avoid treatment at salons

and inform those offering illegal whitening that

It is against the law. You must be qualified and GDC


Should something go wrong, your beautician

is not qualified to identify or fix what damage

has been done.

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